We offer DIY repair kits for several common repair issues that Matterport camera owners might encounter. These repair kits include all of the needed tools, new replacement parts and access to a walkthrough video to guide you through the repair process. Additionally, we can schedule a Zoom call to walk you through any problems you might have when using one of our Fast Fix DIY kits.

We recommend our DIY Fast Fix repair kits primarily for the following situations:

  • The repair you need to do is fairly simple, like replacing the wifi antenna module or the charging port. In this case using one of our DIY Fast Fix kits could save you a lot of time and shipping costs.
  • Or, if you are located outside of the US or the UK where getting your camera sent in for repair could be quite costly or time consuming (due to customs/duties or complications due to security or theft of your camera during transit). For customers located in other countries, we can provide one of our standard DIY kits or we can customize a kit specifically for your repair situation.
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Standard DIY kits

Standard DIY kits ($200 + shipping) we offer cover the following repairs/issues :

  • WiFi antenna replacement
  • Charger port replacement
  • OLED display panel replacement
  • Housing piece replacement or refitting of housing

You can purchase our standard DIY Fast Fix kits on our Shopify store

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Custom DIY kits

Custom DIY kits ($200 to $350 + shipping) In addition to the above kits, for customers located outside of the US or the UK and for special emergency situations we offer custom DIY kits

  • Custom DIY kits for some more advanced repairs like certain Error Codes or broken lens glass pieces etc.

If you need a custom kit, you can contact us here and we will customize a kit for you.

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